Frequently Asked Questions

Exosomes are a new treatment method in regenerative medicine. While the treatment is based on science and is safe, efficacy studies are still lacking and results will likely vary from patient to patient.

Exosomes are tiny communication vesicles in your stem cells that regenerate new tissue (including hair). These tiny nano-particles are only 1/1000th the size of a stem cell and contain over 1000 protein growth factors. Proteins delivered in the exosomes provide cellular communications that signal healing, anti-inflammatory responses, and cellular growth.

Exosomes can be harvested from most human stem cells, the most powerful ones are derived from mesenchymal stem cells utilized by ExoFlo. These stem cells are used to collect up to 10 billion exosomes per milliliter with high-value cellular signals for growth.

ExoFlo(™) is injected in the same fashion as PRP treatments for hair loss. The first step is applying local anesthesia to the desired area to numb the region. The preparation is then injected into the scalp using the tiniest of needles just under the skin to thinning scalp areas. The injections are spaced carefully to maximize the treatment effect with concentrated protein factors that promote hair growth. The treatment is effective in both men and women with most patterns of hair loss. Since the preparation is acellular, the treated areas do not showcase any inflammation or redness post-treatment.